Service Application Form

At the end of the application process you will need to print the generated application form and provide a Birth Certificate, Passport, OR Drivers Licence as Evidence of Identity. Australian applicants have the added option of providing a Medicare Card.

Why is proof of identity a requirement?

Choose your new HealthLink Services

If you are a new HealthLink customer please select from the following services and complete the registration process. Please note that only one of the following choices may be selected.

If you are an existing customer and wish to add or change your current services please contact us on the numbers below.


    Osler - Local Installation

    Osler - Hosted (emr.oslersystems.CA)

    Osler - Hosted (emr.oslersystems.COM)

    QHR Technologies Inc - Accuro EMR Installation

    Other Clinical Systems - Local Installation

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If you have any problems completing the application form, please contact the HealthLink Helpdesk.

Australia 1800 125 036 New Zealand 0800 288 887 Canada 1800 254 5762